Polyamide (types used: PA6 & PA66)

commercial name : nylon

Good impact strength.
Good general mechanical resistance.
Good sliding properties.
Becomes fragile at -40°C.
Maximum extended operation temperature from +80°C to +120°C depending on the type.
High moisture absorption.
Resistant to (selection): aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, petrol, oils, fats, some alcohols, esters,
ketones, ethers, many chlorinated hydrocarbons, weak alkaline solutions.
Sufficient ageing resistance and sufficiently weatherproof.
Not resistant to (selection): mi neral acids, strong alkaline solutions, solutions of oxidative agents,
formic acid, phenols, cresols, glycols, chloroforms.
The mechanical characteristics are affected depending on the type of PA,
on the percentage of water absorption and on the crystallinity.